SPLC Regurgitating Their Own Propaganda
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I subscribe to the SPLC's "Nativism in the News" feature.(It used to be called "Immigration Watch" but they changed it to reflect the fact that their metier is spying on Americans, not immigrants.) This is their latest "news flash."

[RI] Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement Linked To Hate Group

Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, or RIILE, was founded in 2006 under the guidance of a field organizer from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which is financed by an openly white supremacist organization. Read full article
And when you read the full article—Rhode Island group linked to controversial foes of illegal immigration, [By Karen Lee Ziner, Providence Journal, June 29, 2008] you see that what the local newspaper is doing is reading and regurgitating SPLC press releases. It's perfectly circular—the SPLC, in association with La Raza, libels moderate immigration reformers to the press.

The press harasses grassroots immigration organizations on the strength of SPLC "Hatewatch" reports, and when they publish a story about doing so, the SPLC  displays it as more evidence of hate.

Well, the SPLC  raises a lot of money that way. VDARE.com, on the other hand, has not raised a lot of money, and we need it badly. In fact, I need it badly.

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