Rove Romances La Raza But La Raza No Likey Republicans, Stupid
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Yesterday, White House Chief Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to the President Karl Rove spoke about immigration reform (and supposedly other issues but I didn't hear that part) to a lunchtime crowd of roughly 2000 people at this year's La Raza (the Race...ists) convention in LA.

It goes without saying that he prefaced his remarks with his own grandparent immigrant story (gag)—again, this has become standard operating procudure for non-Hispanic people (OTM's) in the event they dare broach the subject.

Cecilia Munoz, Vice President of the Race(ists) addressed the seriousness of the situation—loosely translated: all the Latino votes which are supposedly up for grabs.

[White House Strategist Calls on Hispanics by Teresa Watanabe and Michael Finnegan, LA Times 7/11/2006]

"The image of the Republican Party in the Latino community is going to be set for the next generation by what happens in this debate," she said. "The Latino vote is up for grabs, but it won't be up for grabs if the Republican Party continues to paint itself as a party of xenophobia."

Hmm...let's examine her little theory.

When Karl Rove spoke, he mentioned the President's desire to create a guest worker program which includes a clear path to citizenship for those who are currently "undocumented" aliens—many in the crowd naturally applauded these words.

THEN he mentioned the need to secure the border and these words were met with boos and jeers.

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico spoke directly after Rove and also mentioned the need for enforced border security but the crowd was suddenly and remarkably ok with the idea for his words were not met boos but with applause.

Very do we explain this discrepancy? Quite easily...Richardson is a Democrat and Rove is a Republican.

These people have never, do not now and will never embrace the GOP—AND THAT IS PERFECTLY OK!!

The Architect seems to have forgotten the foundation upon which his empire sits—or should I say, those who built it.

Here's a tip: They weren't at that luncheon today but they were listening to Rove and he must have felt the tremor that followed—not a typical LA quake but the exodus of faithful Republicans and the resultant cracking of his own foundation.

All I can say is Good Luck in 2008, Duckie!

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