Southern Baptist Treason: The Dow Blog Deals With The Theology
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The Return of the Dow Blog continues. Stimulated by the Treason Lobby takeover of his church, the proprietor, having very thoroughly considered the state of the economic and political debate over immigration, has turned directly to the religious aspects of the controversy.

A Rebuttal to the SBC on Immigration and the Gospel, Part III is keyed to an essay by Dr Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Seminary. The Dow Blog has judged Moore the intellectually most significant defender of this Southern Baptist treason.

First it was necessary to clear away a rather infantile debating stratagem in which Dr Moore indulged, claiming that Jesus was an illegal immigrant because of the flight to Egypt. This crude appeal to sentimentalism of course is quite unhistorical—

Jesus and His family simply moved from one Roman imperial province to another.
and the Dow Blog is rightly contemptuous:
It is a flawed piece of emotion laden nonsense bandied about in order to fog the mind, preclude rational discourse and draw an erroneous equivalence between two completely unrelated circumstances separated by fact as well as 2000 years of history and legal development.
Next comes the heart of the matter: the misuse of Leviticus 19 Verses 33 to 34
And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.

But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt

The Dow Blog dealt with this conclusively to my mind in 2007, and does so again. Essentially the same line is taken as that (rather more bluntly) by Stephen Steinlight in his Luke Ford interview:
“Leviticus 19:33: 'You shall love the stranger.'… What's really being said here? What's the translation? What else does the Torah say? That wasn't a charter of independence for people dwelling among them. One law for everybody. You better conform to our laws. If you put up idols, we will stone you. If you want to become one of us, you have to undergo circumcision. It's saying that if you dwell among us, you have to obey our laws….”
Any Patriot likely to be confronted with religiosity in discussing immigration would be well advised to master the Dow Blog brief.

Dow Blog concludes with an important observation:

Moore is utilizing doctrines that apply to the church, a primarily spiritual body, and imposing them on a nation, which is a physical and material entity...Simply because the Body of Christ is multiracial does not necessarily imply that particular peoples are not allowed to claim a land for themselves.
and devastatingly catches Moore in a disgraceful inconsistency:
Would Dr. Moore argue against the public policies of the state of Israel, to take one example, that are designed to maintain an ethnically Jewish state? No, in fact he has written that..." a nation merits the prayers and support of Christians." In short, some ethnic groups are allowed to insulate themselves from a demographic transformation but others are not quite so lucky
I understand that deploying this powerful battery of arguments has cost most of a summer vacation. America should be grateful.
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