Not The Onion—Aspen Ideas Festival On A Borderless World:"One Day We'll See Legal Discrimination By *Place* Of Birth As Evil"
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The Great and the Good are getting together in Aspen right now at the Aspen Ideas Festival to tell each other how good and great they are. Financial blogger Felix Salmon asks:
Will the world ever have open borders?
My favorite bit in this video comes towards the end, when I ask Charles [Kenny] about the wonderful tweet he sent out last Friday, after the gay marriage bill passed the New York senate.
"One day we'll see legal discrimination by *place* of birth as evil as discrim. by other features of birth -gender, orientation, color."
Ah, Twitter ... Helping elite opinion on immigration become ever more bumperstickerish.

Remember when conspiracy theorists used to get all worked up about the secret meetings of the Bilderbergers? Personally, I thought the idea of senior shots like Henry Kissinger and Helmut Schmidt getting together in private to pull strings was reasonably reassuring. Thank God somebody knows what they are doing!

How naive I was ...

Now in the Davos Era, when much of this elite conspiring is done in public for self-promotion purposes, the terrifying truth becomes obvious: there is no Inner Party who actually knows how things work.

Is there a single better question for determining whether someone has thought long and hard about how the world (and not just their bailiwick where they made their bundle) really works (and exposes whose side they are on emotionally) than "Open Borders: Good Idea or Bad Idea for America?"

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