South Side Of Chicago: Minorities Won't Social Distance OR Stop Shooting Off Guns
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This is now a familiar story:

Greg Stinnett, assistant deputy chief paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department, described the scene as still "very chaotic" when he arrived.

"They were running. They were screaming," Stinnett said of the partygoers. "They were everywhere."

The motive of the shooting was not immediately clear, Brown said, adding that he could not yet confirm a rumor that a patron began to shoot after getting involved in a dispute. The shooting suspect or suspects is not yet in custody, Brown said.

2 dead, 13 injured after shooter opens fire at Chicago party

The scene was "chaotic," first responders said.

By Julia Jacobo, March 14, 2021

This is not only a party shooting, it's a case of minorities refusing to social distance, which we've posted on before.

Since all the bars in Chicago are closed, this party was held in what amounted to speakeasy, in a Park Manor tow company building that had a bar in it.

[Chicago Police Superintendent David] Brown also reminded Chicago residents to continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
"Nothing has changed, Brown said. "You're jumping the gun if you think it's okay to be in small, closed confinements."

Especially "small, closed confinements" on the South Side of Chicago where people are shooting off gun.

That’s ABC’s national news, this is from ABC7 Chicago:

Emergency responders arrived on the scene just minutes after the first 911 call came in at 4:43am. They quickly called in additional resources as they realized the magnitude of what had just happened.

"They were running. They were was quite chaotic,' said Deputy Chief Greg Stinnet with the Chicago Fire Department. "Our crews did a tremendous job getting their arms around it. Sorting out the casualties, and the victims. And we were able to triage, treat and transport everyone effectively."

Fifteen people were struck by gunfire, two fatally, police said.

A disagreement between some of the partygoers seemed to have led to the shooting, but police said it's too early to determine what led to the violence.

"We heard that rumor of someone who was at the party left and came back. But we're just unable to confirm that rumor at this point. It's still so early, particularly with some of the witnesses in surgery right now that we haven't been able to talk to," Brown said.

The victims ages range from 20 to 44 years old.

2 killed in Park Manor mass shooting on South Side ID'd, multiple others wounded

31 shot, 4 killed in Chicago weekend violence

By Jesse Kirsch and Michelle Gallardo

March 14, 2021

ABC7 Chicago posted a picture of one of the two dead victims (Rayneesha Dotson, 30, below}   which is how we know that this was a black party shooting, rather than a Hispanic one.

Some of the not-too-badly injured nonchalantly transported themselves to the Emergency Room, but there were two deaths, and some of the injured needed surgery to save their lives.

In the Leaded Law article above, I noted that when police and media won't say the race of the shooter in a mass shooting, the ratio of injured to killed is suggestive, because blacks aren't very good marksmen. And Steve Sailer has pointed out that there are lot more shootings like this in the Current Year:

This is the kind of thing that's absolutely invisible to the MSM, because they don't even want to report that blacks are doing the shooting.

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