South Africa In Missouri: Social Justice Mob Demanding Takeover Of Ferguson Convenience Store
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Even though Officer Darren Wilson was utterly exonerated in the case of "Gentle Giant" Michael Brown, the Main Stream Media has long been retconning the story to make it sound like Brown was the victim. Journalists lie; people die. What's more, communities get destroyed.  

Protesters have been gathering outside of Ferguson Market and Liquor since Aug. 9 — the fourth anniversary of the police shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. — calling on the convenience store to take more ownership of its role in the saga and submit to a list of requests.

Brown had just left the store before the fatal skirmish with then-Officer Darren Wilson in the street near Canfield Green apartments in 2014. After the shooting, Ferguson police released a surveillance clip from the store indicating that Brown had stolen cigarillos and shoved a store clerk.

[The protesters want the store to:]

• Address Michael Brown Jr.’s character.

• Close the store for three days on the anniversary of his death.

• Create a scholarship in his name.

• Find ways to interact and give back to the community.

• Stop selling Dormin, a sleeping capsule, and other items that can be misused to get high.

• Retain a black-owned security company to protect the store.

[Protesters continue to target Ferguson convenience store in the name of Michael Brownby Jesse Bogan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 27, 2018]

What is happening to a convenience store in Ferguson today is nothing short of extortion. Howevever, because the media is cheerleading, it becomes a "protest."

Incredibly, the owners of the store caved to all these demands and issued a jointly worded letter with "protest leaders." Of course, at that point, the goalposts were moved again. An attorney for the store said "rotest leaders told him that they weren’t interested in going through with the agreement anymore and that the only thing that would resolve the matter was if the store was sold to them." Obviously, the whole point of this farce is simply to receive a handout in the form of the store that someone else created. 

These are South African tactics being used in Middle America. 


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