Sorry, Kathy, It's A Holiday Tree
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I noticed a War On Christmas aspect to Mohammed Mohamud's plan to blow up a Christmas tree lighting, and Kathy Shaidle wrote, before I had even blogged on it, that

The only shocking thing about this story is that Portland still has a Christmas tree lighting

Halt Muslim immigration to the West, starting with Somalis. Somalis are singularly unfit for life in North America, even if they remain (more or less) non-violent. [More]

Links, for once, not added by me—Kathy is good at this. But I'm sorry to say that all references to the tree lighting in Portland, Oregon, say it's a "Holiday Tree." See Is that a tree in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square? The holidays must be near!,, November 12, 2010. But you know, even if the City Fathers of Portland don't know it's Christmas, I think the Muslim who wanted to blow them up did.

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