Son of Aladdin
May 06, 2011, 04:51 PM
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The news that lots of teenagers don`t know who Osama bin Laden was reminds me of a story a high school teacher emailed me in 2008:
Student Named Yesenia: "Teacher! Teacher! I have a question."
Teacher: "Yes, what is it?"
Yesenia: "Who is Son of Aladdin? Why are they always looking for him in a cave?"
Teacher: "Huh?"
Yesenia: "What`s so bad about Son of Aladdin? Why are they trying to catch him?"
Teacher: "Oh, you mean ... Osama bin Laden?"
Yesenia: "Yeah, Son of Aladdin."
Teacher: "He`s a terrorist."
Yesenia: "Oh."
Teacher [trying to make this into a Teachable Moment]: "But don`t confuse Osama with Obama."
Yesenia: "Who`s that?"
Teacher: "Barack Obama. He`s running for President. The African-American candidate."
Teacher: "You know, the black guy?"
Yesenia [Eyes widening]: "He`s black?"
Teacher: "Yes."
Yesenia: "And he`s running for President?"
Teacher: "Yes."
Yesenia: [With wide-eyed alarm]: "That`s bad."