"Disgusting, Racially-Tinged, Muslim-Baiting, Xenophobic Hate-Mongering"
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From The New Yorker (via Daniel Larison)
Asked about what else he was doing while on the East Coast, [Indiana governor Mitch Daniels] said he was going to Washington to accept an award from the Arab American Institute. "I happen to be one," he said-an Arab American, that is. His paternal grandparents immigrated from Syria. Somehow I hadn't registered that aspect of Daniels's background before. I guess it makes Daniels even less likely to traffic in the kind of disgusting, racially-tinged, Muslim-baiting, xenophobic hate-mongering that some of his "brethren" (and sistren) have flirted with. ~Hendrik Hertzberg
The funny thing is that neither Hendrik Hertzberg nor all the editors and copy editors and fact checkers at The New Yorker noticed that Hertzberg's frothing-at-the-mouth rage about "hate-mongering" is funny.
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