Something’s Rotten in Garland County, Arkansas: Black Murderer of Five Whites Gets All Five Capital Murder Counts Dismissed, in Exchange for Pleading Guilty to Lesser Charges, Will End Up Paroled
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A second man charged in the November 2009 fatal shootings of five people in Pearcy has reached an agreement with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange for the dismissal of five capital murder counts.

[Jeremy Pickney Charged In 5 Ark. Deaths Gets Plea Bargain by Jessica Johnson, AP/THV, October 6, 2011.]

Pickney pled guilty Thursday to conspiracy to commit aggravated residential burglary and theft by receiving. He received a 30-year prison sentence for the conspiracy count and 20 years for the theft charge.

Pickney and Samuel Conway were charged with the deaths of Jeremy Gentry; Edward Gentry Sr.; Edward Gentry Jr.; Pamela Gentry; and Kristen Warneke. Conway was sentenced in June to “life without parole.” Pickney’s lawyer said he will be eligible for parole. He will come up for parole much sooner than the sentence would indicate.

Pearcy Massacre Evidence Ruled Inadmissable

The prosecution agreed to the plea deal because key evidence was ruled inadmissible.

Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver said in a statement that the decision to seek a plea deal was necessary because the most substantial evidence against Pickney-three cell phone videos, including one where he is seen discussing a robbery-were ruled inadmissible.

[Suspect in Pearcy killings plead guilty to lesser charges, gets 50 years by Gavin Lesnick, Arkansas Online/Arkansas Democrat Gazette, October 6, 2011.]

Family members of the victims and investigating authorities agreed to the plea deal.

No one has bothered to explain WHY cell phone videos are not admissable. Five brutal murders are thus filed away and forgotten.

N.S.: As I previously wrote, while Arkansas is officially a death penalty state, capital punishment has apparently been unofficially abolished, at least where black mass murderers are concerned.


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