Some Americans don't have both oars in the water: Time magazine poll
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The latest Time magazine poll shows that a majority of Americans think illegal immigration is a "serious" problem. Very good. But three-fourths of the respondents also say the solution to the problem may be to give citizenship to illegals if they have a steady job, pay taxes AND learn English. Very stupid. Memo to those who responded in this fashion, and I'm being generous here because this is a "family" blog: What the hell is wrong with you? Do you really believe that this is how you discourage people from crossing our borders illegally? C'mon, people. You don't solve the problem of illegal immigration by allowing those here in violation of laws to become citizens. We tried that in 1986, remember? If allowed to remain here, these illegals (and their families that would soon follow) would only add millions to the Census Bureau's projection of 420 million people living here in 2050 and the 571 million people by 2100. What about the effect of their presence on the environment? Standard of living? Wages for our own working poor? Classroom size? Healthcare insurance? Crime? Traffic congestion? Trust me: You're not learning anything about this issue by reading your daily newspapers or watching the 10 o'clock news. Grow up. Start thinking for yourselves.
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