Hmassachusetts Hmong And The Boston Globe
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Considering how revelatory of Hmong culture this story is in the opening two paragraphs, it's hard to believe that it's a pro-Hmong story, but it is.

That's because the underlying assumption of the Boston Globe is that Third World Immigration is inevitable, and good, and nothing can be done to stop it.

BROCKTON — When there is trouble in a Hmong marriage, it is Ter Yang's job to tell a husband that here in America, paying $10,000 for a wife does not mean he owns her, as he might a car.

When a Hmong family arrives fresh from a refugee camp in Thailand, Yang will call on them bearing lemongrass, health insurance applications, and the news that they must send the girls to school along with the boys.[Helper at the gateway | An immigrant guides his people on America's ways Hmong immigrant bridges two cultures, By Yvonne Abraham, Boston Globe, January 30, 2006]

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