Somalis "Grow And Expand" Greeley, Colorado's World
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In June in Goofy in Greeley I noted that the editor of The Greeley Tribune, besides penning a smug editorial gloating about the Establishment’s success in sidetracking the immigration issue from the Presidential election, had apparently written a stunningly na??ve essay, entitled with great originality Give me your tired, your poor. This gushingly welcomed Somali ”refugees” to the Colorado town:
The Somalis…have come to Greeley for the opportunities it offers. Their presence, however, is not just about opportunities for them, it is also an opportunity for all of us. It is an opportunity to grow and expand our world….While the customs that come from half a world away can seem scary, they will…enrich our lives
Given the nature of the Somalis I expressed skepticism.

Now it appears the Somalis have enriched the lives of the town by forcing, with violence, the local Beef Packing firm to give them special privileges for Ramadan observance, provoking other workers to counter protests. The local media is said to be repressing the violence aspect, but more than a dozen Somalis were fired, which sounds suspicious.

The whole episode has been efficiently and thoroughly covered by Refugee Resettlement Watch (to whom a most impressed Hat-tip is proffered) with help from Jihad Watch and Always on Watch. Take that, MSM!

”They have no respect for the Spanish or white people,” said Brianna Castillo, a Swift employee of four years. ”Many times we are forced to pull extra count… I don’t feel that is right.” Castillo, who is white, said every race was represented in the protest with the exception of Somalis. Castillo said employees are frustrated by what they feel is a double standard when it comes to other races and Somalis. ”Somalis are running our plant,” Castillo said. ”They are telling us what to do.”
Facing protests, Swift vows to 'balance needs of all employees’ , By Chris Casey, The Greeley Tribune , September 6 2008

A Jihad Watch reader reported:

The Greeley P.D. SWAT Team and many police officers had to come into the plant to stop the destruction by approximately 200 angry Muslims of tables, equipment, and helmets inside the cafeteria at about 7:30 pm last night. My neighbor said that the medical department rendered treatment to one non-Muslim female worker who was assaulted during the melee.
Refugee Resettlement Watch comments
a commenter at the Tribune reported the same thing late yesterday, but that comment seems now to have been removed. Should have grabbed that comment when I first saw it. So, if it was no big deal and they just walked off the line, then why were so many fired? Who is the paper covering for? Or, have they gone completely insane with political correctness in Greeley?
As far as The Greeley Tribune goes, the answer is definitely yes.

Refugee Resettlement Watch and Jihad Watch do a fine job discussing the stupidity of bringing in Somalis and the danger of accommodating Islamic particularism. Two further observations:

1) In many cases, these extremely alien imports are going to be encountering in the work place not placid guilt-indoctrinated native born Americans, but Hispanics. Hispanics will have no compunction about defending their (recently conquered )turf. Workplace confrontations will get more common.

2) The MSM can forget about trying to censor the nasty aspects of these incidents. As ALIPAC’s fine work in the Howard Industries raid showed, the Blogosphere has eyes everywhere.

Tell Tribune editor Bart Smith to be more professional.

The Refugee Resettlement Watch postings are here and here and here. A striking earler story about Somali non-assimilation in Seattle is here.

Note: the Greeley story is still developing.

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