SLATE's Sally Kohn And The Canadian Border
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Sally Kohn writes for Slate, and she came up in an Allan Wall column about the Romeike family when she wrote an article titled  Glenn Beck’s Favorite Immigrants subtitled “Conservatives rally around a controversial family facing deportation. Take one guess why.” Her answer, the Romeikes are white. That's what she seems to be complaining about here:

This is a question that seems almost literally retarded, when you consider the number of drug cartels, diseases, crimes, and levels of mass illiteracy that do not exist north of the Canadian border. It gets some pushback here, from

The obvious Conservatism, Inc. answer—that it's not racially based, because there's no Border Surge of drug gangs from Canada—is right, but misses the point, too.

There is a racial point, though which can make, but Conservatism, Inc.  might deny. If there were a largely white country south of the border, they wouldn't have these problems.

You can think of it as the reverse of  Moynihan's Law of the Canadian Border.

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