Slate Readers Don't Want Kids... Should We Be Grateful?
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Few trends are as painful for me to observe as the childlessness of modern whites.  From within my own family to every workplace I've worked, you see it:  Young, attractive, smart... and no kids, or plans for kids.  Just a holiday card (these types never send Christmas cards, of course) featuring "Tim, Angela and Howie the cocker spaniel".  Or later 30-somethings with no spouse, despite no obvious impediment to getting one.

They're women who haven't read that Atlantic piece, Marry Him.

Or men unmoved by Mark Steyn's description of the West's upside-down family trees:"In Greece, 100 grandparents have 42 grandchildren."

And all clueless to the bleak forecast of Mike Judge's Idiocracy

Here's 26-year-old Heather Gentry—not a pseudonym, I assume—layin' it on us about how having a baby is like expelling a parasite: No Kids for Me, Thanks: I Don’t Enjoy Alien-Parasites.

This insight came to her during a college bioethics class, naturally (hey, Mr. and Mrs. Gentry...  see what that college tuition went for?  To deny you grandchildren!)

I always have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the modern (almost always white) liberal gal who gushes about helping others and not being selfish but whose reaction to the supposedly selfless act of having children is "eww, gross."

If it's the same Heather—and chances look good—she's fully on board with saving dogs, rainforests, polar bears, making sure women get equal moderation time for presidential debates, and... drumroll... immigrants' rights.

Does young Heather ever stop to wonder who'll be around to worry about such things in the next generation when fabulous babes like her die barren?

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