SJW Corrina Mehiel's Alleged Killer Apparently A Senegalese Muslim (Illegal?/Refugee? - DC Won't Ask).
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H/T  Narrative Collapse

Prior to James Fulfords’s utilizing their work in Hmong Gunman Kills Four People In Wisconsin I must admit I was not aware of the NARRATIVE COLLAPSE website, which carries the well-judged subtitle DERAILING MEDIA AGENDAS.

NC specializes in the identification, amplification and analysis of news events inconveniencing the MSM. For instance in Arrest made in stabbing murder of social justice activist Corrina Mehiel March 28 2017  they added to our report

  • Police believe that Mehiel was tortured for her ATM pin number.
  • At the news conference announcing the arrest the DC Police Chief boasted
“It’s a long-standing policy of the Metropolitan Police Department not to enforce civil immigration law.” 
  • And, most significant of all, that the name of the accused
"El Hadji Toure is most common in Senegal"
Quite possibly if DC supported immigration law enforcement this cruel murder would not have happened.

Certainly it would not have done so if American immigration policy was rationally managed in the interests of the American people.

Narrative Collapse did not think it necessary to point out that the name of the accused is Muslim.

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