"Shouldn't We Also Finance The Journey For Any Migrant Who Wants To Come Here?" You Do—It's Called "Refugee Resettlement"
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Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller asked this on Twitter:

To be clear, Chuck isn't actually in favor of this, but there are people who are, and the United States actually does this, just not with Mexico and Guatemala. It's called "refugee resettlement", and the US gets Hmong, Somali Bantu, and various terrorists (Bosnian, Chechen) that way.

Latest flavor of dangerous refugees—Congolese.[Will the federal government resettle hundreds of Congolese refugees in Dover, NH? Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 27, 2014]

The point is that if dangerous, disaffected, displaced foreigners aren't within walking distance of the United States, there is in fact a government program that will go get them and fly them to the US.

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