Sessions Strikes Again: Supplies Administrative Amnesty Time Line
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Mex Dem

Thanks (as so often) to the indefatigable One Old Vet site for alerting me to a further example of Senator Jeff Sessions again championing the Nation. This comes in the form of a 16 page 72 point memorandum his office has issued Timeline:  How  The  Obama  Administration  Bypassed  Congress  To  Dismantle  Immigration  Enforcement (PDF) with the preface:

In September 2011, Obama said, “We live in a democracy.  You  have  to  pass  bills  through  the  legislature,  and  then  I  can  sign  it.”  Yet,  less  than  a  year  after  he  personally  disputed  the  notion that  the  Executive  Branch  could  act  on  its  own  and  grant  legal  status  to  a  class  of  individuals,  he  instituted  the  Deferred  Action  for  Childhood  Arrivals  directive  to  grant  legal  status  to  a  large  segment  of  the  illegal  immigrant  population  in  the  U.S.  This  unprecedented  directive,  combined  with  numerous  other  lesser ? reported  but  far ? reaching  Executive  actions,  circumvented  Congress,  defied  federal  law,  and  dismantled  interior  enforcement.  Below  is  a  detailed  timeline  of  many  of these  Executive  actions,  which,  collectively,  undermine  the  constitutional  rule  of  law  upon  which our  nation’s  greatness  depends.

At we have been chronicling this process from the beginning, initially as the Obama Stealth Amnesty and as it became blatant his Administrative Amnesty. And we have repeatedly pointed to the correct remedy: Impeachment.

But it was obvious right from the start that Obama intended to lead a Minority Occupation Government and try to overthrow the historic American Nation.

The true blame here lies with the Republican leadership which mysteriously shirked their duty (and of course, with their Owners).

They need to be thrown out.

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