Cone of Silence
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The "cone" countries of southern South America ? Argentina, Chile, Uruguay ? aren't doing too badly, in an upper-tier-Third-World kind of way: 2011 per capita GDP $17.7K, $17.4K, $15.3K.  For sure you won 't go hungry in any of them:  good farm land (all right, Chile not so much), long sea coasts (all right, Uruguay not so much . . . but look, they can share).

I have for some years been mentioning Uruguay as a nice bolt-hole for anyone who thinks the balloon is going to go up: see here, here, and here.

I should have kept my mouth shut.  The secret's leaking out.  Soon the riff-raff will all be heading down there.  My reply to the reader who emailed me that link was: "Shhhh!"

(And to Dan Prescher's puzzlement over the odd prevalence of left-handedness in Uruguay ? why, it's the southern hemisphere, isn't it?  Coriolis effect, see?)

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