Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) Hates—And Is Not Afraid To Say So On Facebook
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Colorado reporter Brandon Rittiman passes on a statement from Colorado's Democratic Senator Michael Bennet, although it's Rittiman who uses the words "white supremacist" to describe us.

Bennet did, however, call us an "anti-immigrant hate group."

Here's what Senator Bennet said, via his official Facebook page:

Throughout our nation’s history, groups have long abused our cherished freedoms by spewing hate. When they do, it is incumbent on all of us to affirm what is best about America: our commitment to equality, basic decency, and respect for others, and a recognition that our strength is inseparable from our diversity.
However, he has no commitment to treating us with " equality, basic decency, and respect" or  recognizing what diversity may mean there people who think differently from him.
That is exactly what happened today in response to VDARE's previously-planned event in Colorado Springs. Coloradans spoke up and named the organization’s agenda for what it is: one of division and bigotry at odds with everything we believe. We stand with all Coloradans who feel threatened by those spouting hatred and inciting violence. Together, our voices and values will prevail.
No, that's not what happened. What happened is that the Cheyenne Mountain Resort,  a corporation which had agreed to host us, cancelled us out of fear. We don't spout, spew, or incite violence. People spout, spew, or incite violence against us. We're not a hate group, we're a hated group, and Senator Bennet is one of the haters. (Senator Bennet has a NumbersUSA grade of F-, which means that he hates Americans in general, and wants to see them replaced.)

Senator Bennet has the famous "Blue Checkmarks" on both his Twitter and Facebook pages. Do you think that there's anything he could say about us that could make him lose that? No, because hating us is acceptable.




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