Senator Jeff Sessions Voices Immigration Principles
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Senator Jeff Sessions Voices Immigration PrinciplesIn light of Speaker John Boehner’s pending announcement of “principles” regarding immigration legalization with universal work permits (amnesty) for foreign lawbreakers, America’s best senator, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, has some principles of his own.

Unsurprisingly, Senator Sessions’ touchstone regarding immigration is based on how Washington policies affect the US economy and American citizens by flooding the job market with excess foreigners now and far into the future. His priorities were reflected in a Friday press release:

Sessions: GOP’s First Principle On Immigration Policy Should Be Helping Millions of Jobless Americans Get Back to Work, January 17, 2014

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement after news reports previewed draft details on the prospective ‘immigration principles’ from House GOP leadership:

“President Obama and Senate Democrats have uniformly embraced an immigration plan that would devastate wages and working conditions for millions of struggling Americans to benefit a small cadre of lobbyists and CEOs. The proposal they created doubles the flow of immigrant workers, adds another 30 million new permanent residents to compete for every job, and guarantees illegal immigration will continue permanently in the future. House Republican leaders must dismiss the whispers of the consultant class, the pleadings of the business lobby, and the pressure campaign from the activists who believe illegal immigration is a civil right. It would be tragic if the Leader’s immigration principles were simply a ‘piecemeal’ repackaging of the Senate plan.

Instead, the GOP must embrace the national interest: placing its first emphasis on helping millions of Americans transition from welfare and unemployment to work and rising wages. In so doing, the GOP will not only aid struggling workers from all backgrounds, but will recapture the trust and faith of millions of Americans who have turned away from the party. Such clear and convicted action would also expose the influence special interests groups have wielded over the White House and Senate Democrats from day one. The House now stands alone as the last line of defense for millions of working Americans that form the backbone of the nation.

A sound immigration plan will help both citizens and immigrants alike—reducing unemployment, promoting assimilation into the middle class, and ensuring the consistent and faithful application of the law upon which our national greatness depends.”

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