Mickey Kaus On Jeff Sessions's Immigration Statement:"A Few Years Ago A Democrat Would Have Been Putting Out This Statement"
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Democratic blogger Mickey Kaus has this to say about Jeff Session's latest immigration statement:

Asked by a skeptical Twitterer to name a Democrat who believed in American jobs for Americans, he mentioned Byron Dorgan.

Here's Byron Dorgan in an 2007 Steve Sailer column:

During an early Senate debate over the guest worker program in the Kennedy-Bush-McCain Axis of Amnesty bill, ABC News reported:

"Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., took the Senate floor in opposition to his Democratic colleague and, red-faced and gesticulating toward [Sen. Byron] Dorgan, defended the guest worker program, yelling, 'The idea that you can have a secure border and close it completely is something that has never happened before and will not happen now'. … The Senate's 'liberal lion' continued to howl at Dorgan, demanding, 'I would like the chicken pluckers to pay $10.15 — or $15 an hour. They don't do it, and they're not going to do it. Who's the — who are you trying to kid?'"

[By Jake Tapper and Z. Byron Wolf, May 22, 2007, via Mickey Kaus]

Dorgan replied:

"Let me stand up and say a word on behalf of chicken pluckers. They'll never get $15 an hour as long as we bring in cheap labor through the back door to pluck chickens."

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