Second Pearcy Massacre Defendant, Jeremy Pickney, to be Tried October 11
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Finally, a trial date of October 11 has been set for Jeremy Pickney, the second suspect to be tried for the November 12, 2009, Pearcy Massacre.

Jeremy Pickney is charged with five counts of capital murder. The prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty in what is called a “home robbery.” Pickney's co-defendant, Samuel Conway, was convicted in June and sentenced to “life in prison.” A third suspect in the killings, Marvin Stringer, was shot dead after firing on police at a motel while resisting arrest a week after the killings.

The five victims are 80-year old Edward Gentry Sr; 56-year old Edward Gentry Jr.; 52-year old Pam Gentry; 24-year old Jeremy Gentry; and Jeremy’s girlfriend, 19-year old Kristen Warneke. The older man was found in a Pearcy home while the others were found inside a burning mobile home next door.

Nicholas Stix writes: Note that, while Arkansas is officially a death penalty state, capital punishment has apparently been unofficially abolished, at least where black mass murderers are concerned.


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