Secession Movement Succeeding: Idaho House Passes “Greater Idaho” Secession Bill
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In November, the Greater Idaho movement received support from Monroe and Wheeler counties in Eastern Oregon, which wants to separate from the Beaver State and join Idaho. Now, Idaho’s House of Representatives has voted for the Greater Idaho bill that permits legislators to open negotiations with Oregon about relocating their shared border.

VDARE has tracked the internal secession movement for some time. More and more, rural white Americans are discussing it. They want to break free from the control of leftists who dominate states from “urban areas.” Movements have arisen in California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia.

But with the Greater Idaho bill, the state’s House has given the cause a significant boost.

“During debate on the floor of the House, proponents of the bill cited the desirability of applying Idaho law to eastern Oregon as a way to push Oregon drug laws farther away from Idaho’s current population,” a news release from says:

[Proponents] also cited an economic analysis published last week for the Claremont Institute which shows that rural Oregon counties would be a net benefit to Idaho financially.

[Idaho House passes “Greater Idaho” bill, February 15, 2023]

Here are three reasons Eastern Oregon wants to secede:

  • 79 percent of Oregon’s population and voters are in leftist northwest Oregon. They control the state; 
  • Thus, Oregon won’t protect its residents from thugs, illegal aliens, communist rioters, and other undesirables; and, 
  • Taxes are lower in Idaho, where the “average Idahoan paid $1,722 less in taxes in 2019 than the average Oregonian. … Oregon tax rates continue to go up due to a lack of willingness to control spending.”

One GOP congressman, the 2nd District’s Cliff Bentz, represents Eastern Oregon in the U.S. Congress, and Idaho’s two congressmen are Republicans. So the section’s joining Idaho would not change GOP numbers on Capitol Hill. But it would free eastern Oregonians from the anti-white, totalitarian leftists who rule the state from Portland and the northwest.





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