#NationalDivorce Trends On Twitter. Is The Historic American Nation Ready For Secession?
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The secession movement received a boost today on Twitter when #National Divorce trended

Reasons abound for the country to separate into red and blue nations, or for states to secede from the union, or for counties to secede from states.

“#NationalDivorce is the only way forward at this point,” Albus Dumbledore wrote:

State to state, we are so different ideologically that we no longer identify as a cohesive nation. 

It's better to split than “stay together for the kids”.

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Differences that have led to the discussion include these:

Japanese immigrant Senator Maize Hirono says knowing what the Founder Fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution is impossible:

$1.5 billion for Ukraine:

Homosexual groomer porn in schools:

The National Debt:

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New Hampshire’s Libertarian Party tweeted about secession legislation in the Granite State’s House of Representatives:

AT THE PRESENT TIME, New Hampshire exists as a sovereign state of the United States of America.

IF THE AMENDMENT IS ADOPTED, New Hampshire will peaceably declare independence from the United States of America and proceed as its own sovereign nation.

One writer says a divorce can only succeed on the county level:

VDARE has been pushing the idea for years. Maybe the Historic American Nation knows its time has come.

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