Scots Wha Hae Somalis Fed
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Discussing Thursday’s Scottish referendum with friends last night, one chap said: “It’s all bluff.  They just want to scare London into giving them more power and money.  They’ll get what they want, vote No, then in ten years’ time lather, rinse, repeat.  Quebec plays the same game.”

I have no idea how sound a view that is, but it doesn’t seem implausible.  We have at least one deeply well-informed expert on Quebec separatism here on VDARE; perhaps he can shed light.

Meanwhile, from my upcoming column at Taki’s Magazine:

Multicultiwise, the Scots are wholly invested in Cultural Marxism.  Of Scotland’s 59 parliamentary seats, all but one are held by the CultMarx Labour and tree-hugging Liberal and Scottish National parties.  South Asian and black settlers form three percent of the population and are hot for more immigration …  The signs are that an independent Scotland will vie with Sweden for the title Most Multiculti-Friendly North European nation.
Sure enough, this morning’s MailOnline tells us that
[Scottish nationalist leader] Alex Salmond’s independence blueprint aims to attract thousands more immigrants, who could use Scotland as a back door to England.

The Scottish National Party say they would “celebrate” more people arriving from overseas, reversing what they claim is years of “depopulation.”

Mr Salmond says Scotland needs an extra 24,000 immigrants a year to fill jobs and bankroll the welfare system for ageing Scots, but without tough border controls many could use it as an easy route into England and Wales.  [Could independent Scotland become a backdoor into England for thousands of immigrants? By Matt Chorley; MailOnline, September 17, 2014]

Perhaps the Scots could hire in Mark Zuckerberg as a consultant?

(If you're baffled by the title of this blog post, it's a spoof on Scotland's national poem.)


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