Schumer makes Nice: Meaning What?
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Dena Bunis, Washington Bureau Chief of The Orange County Register, is a consistent, if very measured, scource of key stories on the Immigration War. Democrat talks tough on illegal immigration Friday June 26,2009 is such a one.

She reports of New York's Senator Charles Schumer

The immigration reform debate began anew this week, and buried in a speech given by a Democratic senator who will be a pivotal player are a few sentences that just could help transform this emotional issue. In remarks to a group of immigration policy wonks and advocates this past week, Schumer broached something that is usually reserved for Republicans: the fact that sneaking into this country over the border or overstaying a visa is wrong. And he also raised the notion of what to call people who are in this country illegally. "When we use phrases like 'undocumented workers,' we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration, which the American people overwhelmingly oppose,'' Schumer said.

Sounds great. Unfortunately, I no longer believe in Santa Claus.

On Friday I forced myself to listen to the Webcast (on right) of Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on S.909 — The Hate Crimes Prevention Bill. Schumer appeared, (although he did not bother to interview those giving testimony) and at around Minute 90 said

”If we vote down this legislation…we are saying it is OK to physically harm people who you don’t like because of who they are”

From a member of the general public, this could perhaps be excused as stupidity. From a Harvard and Harvard Law Graduate, fully aware physically harming people is invariably criminal, the kindest interpretation is that it is a vicious lie.

So how should Patriots assess Schumer’s Olive Branch?

One Old Veteran carries FAIR’s wonkish but technically correct response.

Myself, I believe Schumer is a deadly enemy of the American Nation. This wheedling reflects reality: as Rahm Emmanuel says: they don’t have the votes. I admit: Joe Guzzardi seems to have judged the situation better than I.

Unfortunately, this does not change the underlying reality. As I said on Friday:

The problem the Patriots have is that time is against us. By simply not enforcing immigration law, the degeneration of the country into a third-world Spanish-speaking slum will continue, and the Democrats can look forward to being permanently what Peter Brimelow called, at the end of his CPAC essay this past March

a minority occupation government.

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