The Treason Lobby has troubles, too
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The Treason Lobby was on parade on Thursday — President Obama finally met with assorted Congressthings to plot how to foist Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration onto America. Apparently matters did not go well. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was no help. He has being widely quoted saying that the task is difficult — for instance at this Christian Science Monitor Breakfast the same morning:

I’ll say it’s self evident - one of the reasons you’re having the meeting is because the votes aren’t there. That’s kinda — If the votes were there, you wouldn’t need to have the meeting, you’d go to a roll call. OK? The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and immigration groups have all asked for a meeting because the votes aren’t there. And they asked for the meeting and that’s why we’re doing the meeting, to help focus on what does it take…. It’s better that it happen from a policy standpoint. It’s obviously self-evident that it would be better if it happened from a political standpoint. But it’s also better that we continue to focus on moving the economy — getting the economy moving.

Possibly this lack of enthusiasm is what alarmed Amnesty fanatic Lindsey Graham (Scalawag-SC)

Senator Lindsey Graham...also said he saw only "one more chance" to pass a bill because of the political heat that immigration reform stirs up.

"If we can't get it done this time around, no politician is going to take this up in a generation. That would be a shame for this country," Graham said.

Obama pledges push this year for immigration reform By Doug Palmer Reuters Thursday Jun 25 2009

Graham of course has a record of making silly remarks on Immigration. But he is right to be alarmed. Without a supportive White House he is in serious danger of being proved a fool - like John McCain.

The Obama White House has no particular reason to do anything on Amnesty. The Hispanic lobby does not have the power to force the issue. They are not big enough, and they are bound hand and foot to the Democrats anyway.

The problem the Patriots have is that time is against us. By simply not enforcing immigration law, the degeneration of the country into a third-world Spanish-speaking slum will continue, and the Democrats can look forward to being permanently what Peter Brimelow called, at the end of his CPAC essay this past March

a minority occupation government.

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