Scaramucci Is Now FORMER Communications Director Because He Forgot The MSM Is A Deadly Enemy To Trump
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Anthony Scaramucci's talk with Ryan Lizza contained some startling, and I suppose to some people shocking remarks of the kind people used to call "unprintable". This is part of the Wall Street culture.


Of course, nothing is unprintable if it damages Trump. Kevin Roose says that Scaramucci has always talked like that, including to reporters.

Why would he expect reporters to not "print the crazy stuff"? Because Wall Street reporting is based, like celebrity reporting,  on "access journalism". If a Wall Street reporter printed an interview with all the profanity, obscenity, scatology, etc. left in, the interviewee would never call him again, and never take a call.

But the Wall Street reporters who covered him in the past weren't focused like a laser on destroying his company. The MSM is focused on destroying Trump—the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza more than most. And if Scaramucci could forget that even for a minute, he shouldn't be Communications Director.

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