AmRen Conference In Tennessee A Huge Success: "Sell-Out Conference Shrugs Off Anti-Fa"—And Peter Brimelow Spoke
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The Conference was a huge success, and American Renaissance posted a report today titled Sell-Out Conference Shrugs Off Anti-Fa.

Here's what the report says about Editor Peter Brimelow :

Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of spoke on “The Trump Report Card—So Far.” “Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump,” he noted, “he gets a full ‘A’ simply for not being Hillary Clinton.” President Clinton “would have gone full Merkel:” open borders, refugees en masse, more executive amnesties, and new horrors on the Supreme Court. Instead of Neil Gorsuch, we would have had another Sonia Sotomayor, and if the Court can find same-sex marriage in the Constitution, it can find anything. A President Clinton would surely have pushed for hate-speech laws and draconian gun control.

Mr. Brimelow made no excuses for Donald Trump’s shortcomings, however. He noted how erratic and egotistical he is, but pointed out that unlike a prime minister in a parliamentary system, he has limited power. “Trump is like electing King Kong,” he said. “You pull back the curtain and there he is—roaring.”

Peter Brimelow

Mr. Brimelow predicted that “there’s a huge showdown coming.” Mr. Trump not only managed a hostile takeover of the GOP, but is now locked in a contest for power with “the entire state, the literal government.” Impeachment—successful or not—could be the climax of this battle. Mr. Brimelow speculated that “Trump didn’t overturn DACA because he knows the courts will do it for him”—a practical if somewhat cowardly approach. “I do think he will build the wall” he added, “though the wall is mostly symbolic. What I care about is enforcement.”

Mr. Brimelow noted that “in September, Trump gets to set the number of refugees we will take in. He should set it to zero—except for white South Africans.” Of his many applause lines, this was the most popular.

Read the whole thing—we'll post Peter Brimelow's speech once it's transcribed, and there will be video available next week.
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