Presidente Calderon Planning to Visit
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Heads up, folks. Presidente Calderon of Mexico is planning to visit the U.S. next month, and guess what he's got on his mind? As reported in an article in Rumbo (Direction):
The president of Mexico will visit the U.S. and will present to the Mexican communities (in the U.S.) an active strategy in defense of their rights.
Finally, after more than a year in office, the president of Mexico Felipe Calderon will travel for the first time (as president) to the United States. He will come bearing a proposed strategy to actively defend the rights of Mexicans in the U.S.
From the 13th to the 15th of February he will go to New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. The agenda will focus on meetings with community leaders of immigrants, to whom the president will present his strategy. Also meetings with U.S. legislators are planned, to analyze the possibilities of launching a new migratory reform initiative.
Sounds like the same brazen meddling in our internal affairs as practiced by Calderon's predecessor. There's a silver lining to this cloud though. The more blatantly the Mexican president meddles, the more Americans wake up to what is going on. And that's good for our side.
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