Typical "Common Core" Propaganda: White Privilege Reeducation For Fourth-Graders
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Here's a video of woman who teaches teachers to lecture fourth-graders, especially rural kids, about "white privilege." The Common Core standards Michelle Malkin has been reporting on will increase this kind of thing, and nationalize it.

The focus is on teaching fourth-graders a book called The Jacket, by Andrew Clements, who is apparently a best-selling propaganda author—a white kid sees a black kid in the hall wearing his brother's jacket, and assumes he stole it. (It is his brother's jacket but—spoiler alert—white kid's mom gave it to black kid's grandma, who's their cleaning lady.) White kid realizes he's racist, has a talk with his father, realizes father is a racist, and maybe his mom, too.

I think we all learned something, don't you? Yes, homeschool your kids!

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