Sam Francis Columns From TownHall, 2000—Still Relevant
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Nicholas Stix's latest post Overheard from Sam Francis’ Grave: “I Told You So, You F—–g Fools!”, included a link to a column by the late Sam Francis  in which Sam wrote

Just over a year ago, in a column about the Confederate Flag controversy in South Carolina, I wrote the following sentences: “… the blunt truth is that racial slavery existed for a far longer time under the American flag than under the brief four years of the Confederacy. If the NAACP denounces the Confederate flag today for its symbolization of slavery, it can far more easily denounce Old Glory tomorrow for the same reason. Don't bet your battle flag they won't do it either, or that the political and business elites that cave in to them on the Confederate banner will stand firm on the American flag.”[Enemies, Not Friends, Of Confederate Flag Want War, May 5, 2000]

The link goes to an version of Sam Francis's column, from before existed. In 2005, I noted that it had gone from's online archive, and provided a link.

Here's a complete list of columns from the past. Many of them have grown only more relevant over time. I should say that the titles are not very descriptive of the content. That's because Sam, as a columnist, expected people to open the paper to his column, rather than clicking on a link. Possibly the mild titles were a form of what TV writers call Getting Crap Past the Radar.

For example, U.S. practices double standards on human rights is about the victimization of South African whites and Americans reinvent their own government in Arizona is about the beginning or what later became the Minutemen movement. I reproduced Narrow-Minded Left Claims Monopoly On Moral Legitimacy in 2012.

December 1, 2000 Florida crisis forces re-examination of American myths
November 17, 2000 Electoral college is more than a constitutional curiosity
November 14, 2000 War against the west not confined to the U.S.
October 24, 2000 Bush's pragmatism fails to challenge Gore's assumptions
October 20, 2000 Democrats try to sneak amnesty for illegal aliens through Congress
September 25, 2000 Corporate giants now enforce thought control
September 19, 2000 Why is Al Gore winning?
September 8, 2000 Gun control is global flop
August 1, 2000 Cheney's evasions on his record encourage democrat
July 25, 2000 Left seeks to propagandize civil war battlefields
July 21, 2000 Real extremists may have foot in FBI door
July 14, 2000 New Mexican leader vows to swamp U.S. with illegals
July 11, 2000 'The Patriot' teaches forgotten lessons the left doesn't like
July 7, 2000 GOP conservatives pleased with exclusion from platform
July 4, 2000 Crusade against death penalty shows lack of will
June 30, 2000 Miranda rule threatens Constitution, not the cops
June 27, 2000 Americans reinvent their own government in Arizona
June 23, 2000 Legal guns would end New York's 'wildings'
June 16, 2000 Conservatives shouldn't waffle on the death penalty
June 13, 2000 Zimbabwe whites are latest victims of liberal hypocrisy
June 9, 2000 Bipartisan support of H-1B program threatens Americans
June 6, 2000 New science tells us the truth about a forbidden subject
June 2, 2000 Language anarchy may fracture national bonds
May 31, 2000 White males, not Hispanics, give Bush an edge
May 26, 2000 New coalition is well paid to push for more immigration
May 23, 2000 NAACP shows itself to be the real extremists
May 19, 2000 The 'Million Moms' were victims of manipulation
May 16, 2000 'European-American month' forfeits claim to define civilization
May 12, 2000 Witch hunters of the left may be the real witches
May 9, 2000 Virginia's compromises on Confederate issues not enough for NAACP
May 5, 2000 Enemies, not friends, of Confederate flag want war
May 2, 2000 Chavez holiday another attack on euro-american culture
April 28, 2000 Thanks to Leadership, GOP Drifts to the Left
April 25, 2000 U.S. practices double standards on human rights
April 21, 2000 GOP silent on Clinton-Gore amnesty for illegal aliens
April 18, 2000 Pat Robertson loses it on death penalty
April 14, 2000 South Africa now on edge of chaos and tyranny
April 11, 2000 Bush's Court may not differ much from Gore's
April 7, 2000 FAIR tells truth about Michigan politician
April 4, 2000 GOP flubs use of Sharpton against democrats
March 31, 2000 African land seizures part of world revolution
March 28, 2000 Narrow minded left claims monopoly on moral legitimacy
March 3, 2000 Bush and McCain allow the left to dictate their own debate
February 1, 2000 Helms speaks truth to United Nations
January 4, 2000 Bad reasons to compromise on Confederate Flag


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