Salon Attacks Scott Brown For ALIPAC Endorsement; VDARE.COM Says "Phooey!"
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William Gheen of ALIPAC replies here to a Salon Magazine smear of Scott Brown because ALIPAC has endorsed him. (Scott Brown's Ugly Friends, by Mike Madden, Jan 13, 2010)

Part of Salon's charge is that Gheen's group has received money from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which is now, in spite of its triangulation, an $PLC-designated "hate group", as if that mattered.

This, as Gheen points out, is untrue, as well as extremely unlikely—I don't know anyone who has gotten any money out of FAIR.

At VDARE.COM, we don't endorse candidates, but see Matthew Richer on the uselessness of Scott Brown on immigration, and Peter Brimelow on the lameness of Salon on everything

Tell Mike Madden to report our unendorsement—or admit he's a Democratic propagandist.

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