Radio Derb Transcript Up For September 4: White Folks Shooting White Folks, GOP Goodwhites Supporting Riots, And The Spreading Plague Of Race Denialism, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for September 4. Go here to read or listen.


01m07s  White folks shoot white folks.  (The Cold Civil War gets warmer.)

05m23s  Revolution or counter-revolution?  (Three factions in play.)

13m42s  Do Goodwhite Republicans support the riots?  (Cui bono?)

21m35s  March of the Misfits.  (True revolutionary spirit.)

27m44s  The spreading plague.  (Not COVID-19, the other one.)

38m00s  A tremor in spacetime.  (Just a reminder.)

39m31s  What's the matter with America's mayors?  (Remembering Richard Daley.)

41m55s  Dropping the torch in Massachusetts.  (It's not 1968 anymore.)

43m08s  Making book on homicide.  (Labor Day weekend betting.)

44m47s  The passing of Comrade Duch.  (Speaking of revolutionaries.)

46m39s  Signoff.  (With homage to Bill Evans.)

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