Sailer in TAKIMAG: "Four Ways to Save Europe"
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Here’s the beginning of my new column in Taki’s Magazine [which is back up, by the way]:

Four Ways to Save Europe

by Steve Sailer

November 18, 2015

Last week, America’s institutions of higher learning were in turmoil over Halloween costumes. How can minority students survive Yale if their diktats are ever subjected to skepticism from grown-ups?

This week, we are told to not get too excited over 129 people being slaughtered in the streets, concert halls, and cafés of Paris. In particular, we shouldn’t let minor inevitabilities such as mass carnage influence the West’s refugee and immigration policies.

In other words, while Yale students need their university converted into a Safe Space where they will never be allowed to lose an argument with a professor, making Paris safe for young lovers from Kalashnikov fire would be Islamophobic.

For example, the fact that one suicide bomber’s fingerprints showed he had come ashore as a refugee in Greece last month, where he was handed asylum papers allowing him to travel across Europe, shouldn’t reflect badly on Chancellor Merkel’s decision on a whim to suspend E.U. regulations in order to permanently alter Europe’s demographic balance. After all, as the New York Times Editorial Board triumphantly rebutted:

And even if one of the attackers had entered Europe in the guise of a refugee, the first gunman to be conclusively identified, Omar Ismail Mostefai, was not a refugee, but a French citizen born and raised in a town just south of Paris.

So there.
Read the whole thing there.

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