Sailer In TakiMag: Biden Administration—Race Doesn't Exist But...
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

That race does not exist is a popular view, but whenever liberals get in power, do they act upon it? If you believed this, you might assume that the current Democratic administration would therefore phase out the benighted federal racial categories.

Yet last week the Biden administration’s Office of Management & Budget announced a new set of even more precise racial categories that pleased white nationalists by announcing that Middle Eastern and North African Caucasians were no longer officially white. Nationalities like Iranian, Egyptian, and Israeli now have been lumped and split into their own separate Not White race.

Of course, this was due to Arab lobbyists demanding to be included in the Flight From White so they can qualify for affirmative action. Unlike delusional white nationalists, they understand that it doesn’t pay to be white anymore.

Nobody seems to know whether Ashkenazis are still officially white or not. But, nobody seems to care. After all, how world-historically important could Jews be?

To me, that sounds like a rather important question, but most Americans, much less Biden administration officials, seem to find it in poor taste to wonder about the implications. So we’ll just have to wait and find out what happens.

Also gratifying to white supremacists (other than Nick Fuentes) is that Hispanics are no longer considered by the government to be a socially constructed ethnicity that can be of any race, a characteristically brilliant but overly subtle distinction that Richard Nixon endorsed in 1969 to allow his best friend forever Bebe Rebozo to qualify for quotas while still being a 100 percent blue-blooded Conquistador-American.

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