Biden's Border Patrol Lifts Razor Wire To Let Illegals Into America
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Photo above courtesy BorderHawk

To my disgust, the Border Patrol continues to undermine the mission it was originally set up to do [SCENE OF THE CRIME: Border Patrol LIFTED Razor Wire at Rio Grande for Hundreds of Illegals, BorderHawk, March 26, 2024]. Far from enforcing the border, they are doing the exact opposite. The Border Patrol’s motto, “Honor First,” should be retired at this point. There is nothing honorable about letting in millions of illegal aliens. It’s offensive to watch them help illegal aliens into the country. It turns my stomach, and this isn’t the first time the Border Patrol has cut razor wire to let illegals in.

I suggested going on strike a while ago, and, unfortunately, immigration non-hero Ronald Reagan set a precedent by firing Air Traffic Controllers when they went on strike. The BP union is worried that mass firings would occur should they try anything like that. Never mind that you are supposed to be able to refuse to carry out an illegal unconstitutional order, the paycheck takes precedence over what is good for the country.

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