Matt Walsh Vigorously Defends "This Is A Story That's Gotten Very Little Attention In Conservative Media...."
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Via Chris Brunet, the popular conservative podcaster Matt Walsh is defending

This is also on YouTube, here our part—after the horrors of Scottish hate speech legislation—starts at 10:55. Click here to go there directly.

Sample quote from Walsh:

The Attorney General of New York Letitia James is, of course, best known for her campaign to seize all the assets of the leading presidential candidate Donald Trump.  What she’s not so well known for is her campaign to target the website VDARE explicitly because of its inconvenient and unpopular beliefs. This is a story that’s gotten very little attention in conservative media but it’s every bit as scandalous as what Letitia James is doing to Donald Trump. Shortly after she took office, as reported by the fringe leftwing activist group Southern Poverty Southern Poverty Law Center. Leticia James promised to target conservative and right-wing organizations based on their speech:

“In 2020 James said her office would take tougher legal action on organizations that engage in real life discriminatory actions and online hate speech against protected classes.”

Now this is an astonishing statement because there is no such thing as online hate speech in this country—we’re not Scotland, at least not yet, that’s the point of the First Amendment, but Letitia James just admitted out in the open that she was going to ignore the First Amendment and go after people saying things online that she does not like. That’s exactly what she’s done.



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