S.C. Hispanic booster: Rednecks the problem
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As VDARE.com has repeatedly asserted, ethnic and social animosity is at least as present amongst pro-immigration forces as it is with us nativists. Consider this gem from a member of the scalawag contingent of the board of the South Carolina Hispanic Leadership Council:

“We need to have a more unified voice and get out there and talk to politicians so they’re hearing from others besides — pardon my expression — ignorant rednecks,” said Ken Carey, a member of the leadership council.

(The State.com Saturday March 03 2007)

In Carey’s opinion, being concerned about the impact on wage levels, medical costs, educational quality and, yes, the continuity of tradition in one’s home community is evidence of ignorance and primitiveness.

(Scroll down to read Ken Carey’s biography)

On the other hand, apparently, making a living - as he does through his Agil Staff Inc business – promoting bi-lingual employment and the Hispanicization of his state – is virtuous. (Note that most of the SC HLC Board members are similarly gainfully employed.)

In fact, bi-lingualism in the workplace is an unmitigated disaster for unilingual Anglophones. What Carey is doing fits perfectly with membership of the Treason Lobby.

Explain this to Ken Carey. (Please be polite.)

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