Rush Limbaugh On Romney's Missing White Vote: "Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?"
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Today, Thursday November 8th, Rush Limbaugh is saying that contrary to Republicans who are claiming they lost because they failed to pander to Hispanics wanting amnesty, Republicans may have lost because 3 million Republican voters—who had voted for McCain—stayed home and didn't vote for Romney.

He is also saying that the Wall Street Journal is wrong that Hispanics just want the old American dream of simply a chance to work hard and succeed. [See Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?,, November 08, 2012 ]

Instead, Rush quotes  Heather Mac Donald  to the effect Hispanics are NOT attracted to Democrats because of immigration policies—it is because of ideology: Hispanics want higher taxes on the rich, more government management of the economy, and more government handouts.

Of course readers knew this already: Hispanics, like the majority of all present immigrants, are natural Democrats—they want big government. Earth to Republicans: more immigrants equals more Democrats. readers also know that a greater white turnout can still win elections. Romney lost by about 2.8 million votes—fewer voters than the 3 million Republican McCain voters who stayed home. And there are more white voters out there if Republicans can make themselves worth voting for—perhaps Economic Nationalism so working class Americans can once more get good-paying jobs? Of course the Wall Street Journal, National Review, and other house organs of the corporate elites oppose this because they profit by cheap labor—both here and abroad.

 But enough white voters will not always win elections if immigration continues at the present rate. It is obvious to anyone but the leaders of the Stupid Party that amnesty will not win Hispanics to the Republican Party—it will simply increase the number of Democrat voters.

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