Rush Limbaugh Keeps Promise, Fights Amnesty (Despite Rubio Call)
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Limbaugh Amnesty


Having promised on Tuesday to shake off his post-Heritage/Richwine fiasco lassitude and return to the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration battle, Rush Limbaugh kept his word on Wednesday. Three segments of his show were devoted to the issue

 In Amnesty: GOP's Ticket to Nonexistence June 12, 2013 Limbaugh revealed to a caller that he had been contacted by Marco Rubio who was trying to extricate himself from his Univision blunder. Limbaugh’s astute caller blasted right through Rubio’s mumblings

I think that's political speak…As soon as the button is pushed, the final signature by the president is on that bill, the final bill, that's it, you can't do takesy-backsies with 11, 12, 15, 20, 30 million people that will instantaneously get legalized status in our country

Limbaugh concurred

Well, that's why we lost California…Amnesty hits in 1986 and from that point forward is when the Republican Party began to fade into practical nonexistence in California…

The big mystery is how come we're the only ones that see this?  Why don't the Republicans see it this way?  I can't tell you that.

(Actually, he knows.)

The Current Theory on How Amnesty Gets Through the House Before 2014 indicates that Limbaugh fears being betrayed by the GOP House Leadership

Here's the theory, some might say the fear, that the House will pass, 'cause the Republicans have the majority, their own version of amnesty, and it will be a conservative flavored bill that probably will not include blanket amnesty. It will disagree fundamentally and substantively from what the Senate passes.

…the bills have to be compromised…  And what that's called is conference… the theory goes that the House leadership would appoint people who would probably have no problem altering the House bill to agree with the Senate bill.  And that there are enough RINOs in the House to pass the conferenced compromise bill that would essentially be the Senate version.

(Mickey Kaus has the answer to this.)

The latter half of this segment and most of If the NSA Can Track Anyone Anywhere, Why Can't We Find 10 to 11 Million Illegals Living in the Shadows? was spent by Limbaugh ridiculing the idea that a measure of legalization is needed in order to be able to count the illegal community. In the third segment Limbaugh amplified that this was Rubio’s principal argument for having broken his promise on border security.

Limbaugh appeared fascinated by the stupidity of this argument.

The fact that Rubio called Limbaugh demonstrates that the Treason Lobby is afraid of him. hopes Rush Limbaugh keeps it up.The carrying of the above illustration is an encouraging sign.

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