Rubio's Website Immigration Comment Fiasco: Proves He's Dumb
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Schumer Rubio

Schumer: "Bubbie sure was right about them!"

I see James Fulford has already blogged on Marco Rubio’s website’s Immigration Bill  comments facility. This another big win by Byron York: his  Rubio hit hard after inviting comments on immigration bill April27, 2013 is extremely funny and well worth reading for its selection of the comments:
“Knowing that most people of the left are happy with the bill makes me think that maybe your team of four senators were taken for a ride,” says one. “You and your gang are destroying our country,” says another. “I will never vote for you again if you do this.” “You are selling us out,” says another. “Savior of the Republican Party? More like its undertaker.”
My question is What was this moron and his moronic staff thinking? Now they are stuck with an obligation to post maybe a thousand more comments above the 147 already up, certain to be overwhelmingly and scaldingly hostile. Did he not know who his 2010 supporters were? That they can think and write and were certain to be furious?

It is bad enough that Rubio is servile and tends to lie – but he got himself into this intellectually inexcusable and ridiculous mess.

I can only repeat what I said in Senator Rubio—Or Senator Rube?

I was right in Rubio Swings Left, Supports Amnesty, Open Borders - Wall Street Journal Cheers. Considering his weak handling of the arguments in that interview I concluded the GOP Establishment’s designated Hispanderer is not too bright.

Rubio is out of his depth.

And this guy is up against Charles Schumer?


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