Rubio's Immigration Comment Fiasco: Indians To The Rescue!
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H/T Senator Rubio's new friends Reform Immigration FOR America

As James Fulford notes this evening, the estimable Senator Rubio's staff has started posting responses on his Amnesty Bill comment page, 463 now as I write.

No doubt this process has been rendered less painful because a significant minority of the submissions is now positive. Scrolling back (a process which has been designed to be arduous, only 5 comments at a time) it appears the bulk of these are by people with surnames from the Indian sub continent, with a significant minority Hispanic.

The approving comments generally say the Bill is good because it benefits them and their families. Being good for America is very rarely mentioned: I saw none showing any interest in whether it was good for native-born Americans.

The source of all this applause is very probably Reform Immigration FOR America. This is yet another massive and obviously lavishly-funded Treason Lobby affiliate, like United We Dream which I discussed last night.

(Where is all this money coming from?)

On Sunday at 11-35AM and again at 4PM – well over a day after Bryon York got the commotion startedReform Immigration FOR America posted appeals for help for Marco Rubio in his website predicament onto its immensely powerful Facebook page (177,000 followers – you can get there fairly easily if you have the money to promote your page).

Senator Rubio is asking for input from the public on the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill on his website. So far there are a lot of anti-immigrant haters bad-mouthing the bill and its path to citizenship? Are we going to let that stand? NO!
FOLLOW the link to leave your own comment on the bill! Make sure to tell Sen. Rubio that you support the pathway to citizenship, and want it to be more inclusive and accessible!

The Reform Immigration FOR America crowd can easily by identified by briefly inspecting its website to be Hard-Left ethnic zealots of the Venceremos Brigade or La Raza type. Hence the poster above. They seem to have had to repeat the appeal because, judging by those comments on the first which were in English, most of their followers were too blinded by hatred to see that helping a RINO was expedient.

How appropriate that Rubio turned to such a Cultural Marxist group (largely on their own admission non-citizens) to rescue him.



 H/T One Old Vet

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