Mickey Kaus:"Why Is It News That `GOP Donor Backs Amnesty?` Pro-Amnesty Side Has Nothing But Donors. It's Voters They Don't Have"
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Mickey Kaus on Twitter:

The GOP donor in this case is hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, of whom POLITICO says

For Singer, the move to become involved financially is in keeping with his history of pro-business policies — and dovetails with efforts by News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, who formed a group with New York City Mayor and businessman Mike Bloomberg to support immigration reform from a pro-business standpoint.

In the same story, we learn that the National Immigration Forum, recipient of Singer's largesse, is organizing a Bibles, Badges, and Business Network to bring together the Religious Left, politicized law enforcement types who like amnesty (sometimes this means the local Hispanic chief of police) and what we've referred to as the Slave Power—the businesses who profiteer off cheap labor, and pour billions of dollars into politics.


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