Treason Lobby Operative Exults: Amnesty Bill Lavish Expansion Of DREAM Act Proposals
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And the GOP Leadership is cheering this on?

H/T our Facebook friend JMW for alerting us to DREAM Act: Senate immigration reform bill offers 'best' version yet By Dave Grant The Christian Science Monitor April 16, 2016

This reports the crowing of a Treason Lobby activist

It’s the best DREAM that we’ve ever had,” says Lorella Praeli, the advocacy and policy director for United We Dream, a large coalition of DREAMers

She has a lot to crow about. It appears every restraint in previous bills has been erased.

Bipartisan immigration legislation filed by the Senate’s “gang of 8” immigration reformers on Tuesday would put so-called DREAMers on a more generous fast-track to citizenship than any prior legislation

After five years, DREAMers not only will be eligible for green cards (otherwise known as a “legal permanent resident”), but also will become immediately eligible for US citizenship. That’s versus a minimum of 10 years for a green card and 15 years for citizenship for most other undocumented people… this five-year path to US citizenship (is)the fastest such route offered by any DREAM bill.

( emphases)

The “youth” component of this stratagem has been revealed to be just a ploy

While previous DREAM bills restricted eligibility to those under the age of 30, the current Senate bill has no such cap. Past measures required five years of continuous residency in the US – the current measure stipulates only the time individuals must have been brought into the country and their age at that point.

(Can you spell “LOOPHOLE”?)

It is retroactive too!

“…young people who have been deported would be allowed to apply for inclusion in the policy if they would otherwise have been able to apply except for the fact of their deportation. Previous DREAM bills not only offered no hope to those already deported, but also explicitly declined to shield from deportation potential DREAMers still in the US..

And State’s Rights are given a passing whack as well

…the Senate bill would repeal the law that some states interpret as barring the undocumented from receiving in-state tuition rates at public universities, another novel development.

What haven’t the GOP “negotiators” in the Gang of 8 given away? And what are they getting in return?

The answer appears to be sweeping benefits for the Slave Power/Cheap Labor Lobby whose expressions of gratitude will no doubt allow these traitors to retreat with their families into gated communities for the next several generations.

The money with which the Treason Lobby is flooded is breathtaking. Take a look at United We Dream’s sumptuous website. This is not funded with collections from day laborers.

Tell Lorella Praeli how Americans feel about being plundered.

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