Rubio's Amnesty: Even NR's Rich Lowry Balks
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NR's Lowry: "There's this problem with the dogs"

I have a low opinion of the integrity of Rich Lowry of National Review. That does not prevent me from recognizing good and significant work when he produces it.

Marco Rubio's bad deal Politico 1/30/13 qualifies.

In Washington, a new gang has been born. The Gang of Eight on immigration is here to tell us that we have succeeded in not enforcing the law so persistently and thoroughly that now we have to give up all pretense…

Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform also resolutely refuse to say the word “amnesty.” They contend that the proposed package is not an amnesty because illegal immigrants have to go to the back of the line for a green card. But before that happens, they get “probationary legal status” after passing a background check and paying a fine and back taxes. As a practical matter, this is the amnesty.

( emphasis)

Lowry admits

In general, the Obama administration picks and chooses which elements of the immigration laws it wants to enforce through its “prosecutorial discretion.” Does anyone believe it will be zealous in effecting new enforcement mechanisms that are opposed by its base and resisted by employers and civil liberties groups? Especially after it has already gotten an amnesty?
(So why did NR not join with us in pointing out that Administrative Amnesty warranted impeachment?)

He concludes

…the “blanket amnesty” of 1986 is indistinguishable from the bipartisan principles of 2013. Supporters of comprehensive reform don’t like to be reminded of 1986. Since the enforcement never happened, the law stands as a monument to bad faith.

Washington may be about to build another one.

This essay is highly significant. The NR crew is extremely aware on which side their bread is buttered. But they also know that they have to have bread, aka a following amongst the conservative-minded peasantry. The Rubio Amnesty is threatening their franchise. The dogs don’t like it.

I was pleased to document this process in 2007 in Hopalong Goldberg. Seeing it starting so early is the most encouraging Amnesty news so far.


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