Rubenstein/VDARE.COM leads, Christian Science Monitor follows!
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A constant theme of Ed Rubenstein has been that the payroll and unemployment data directly demonstrate that immigrants are displacing and undercutting native-born Americans. In January, the Investment Bank Bear Stearns published a paper on this topic. And now The Christian Science Monitor has published Why the new jobs go to immigrants –by David R. Francis March 10 2005. This is probably the first notice of the issue in the major establishment media.

“…the US Labor Department announced last Friday that employers had expanded their payrolls by 262,000 positions in February.”

“But…The statisticians also indicated that the share of the adult population holding jobs had slipped slightly from January to 62.3 percent. That's now two full percentage points below the level in the brief recession that began in March 2001.”

“Why the apparent contradiction? factor that gets little attention is immigration.”

“In the past four years, the number of immigrants into the US, legal and illegal, has closely matched the number of new jobs. That suggests newcomers have, in effect, snapped up all of the new jobs.”

“There has been no net job gain for natives," says Andrew Sum, an economist at Northeastern University”

Francis goes on to note a similar phenomenon is occurring in Western Europe, and that

“the Bush administration makes barely any effort to enforce current law. In 2003, a total of 13 employers were fined for hiring undocumented employees… the people they…displace often have little political clout… What employers really want in many cases by hiring immigrants is to hold down wage costs, experts say.”

How long will we have to wait for a similarly elegant and accurate discussion in the Wall Street Journal?

Hat Tip, Modern Tribalist

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