RRW's Weekly Roundup May 30 2015: Spartanburg SC Could Be Refugee Industry's Waterloo
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Ann Corcoran has just posted her weekly roundup of Refugeee Resettlement Watch activity. She writes:
Here are our top three posts of the week (the Nashville Arabic story went through the roof on Wednesday)...

1. So it begins…Nashville schools to teach Arabic 2. Rohingya Muslims are definitely being brought to American towns 3. Planned refugee resettlement in Spartanburg, SC presents watershed moment

Regarding the Nashville schools post, don’t miss call to action, here.

Ann says last Wednesday was RRW's busiest day ever, perhaps fueled by WND's story U.S. PUSHBACK AGAINST MUSLIM REFUGEES 'GROWING'| Government contractor offers advice on how to quash dissent (by Leo Hohmann, May 27).



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