Ryan Andrews In RADIX: "The Millennial Challenge"
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birthofprudenceI have a new piece up at Radix (The Millennial Challenge, May 3290, 2015) in which I argue one of the problems facing Nationalists is that Americans, especially millennials, are drifting away from traditional perennial institutions. It is not just that they are leaving the existing institutions; they seem to be drifting away from the very idea of loyalty to any perennial institutions. Given that most of this displaced loyalty has been redirected into a greater attention to our own individual concerns, I suggest that my Particularist ideal might be the solution.

It is worth noting that Particularism is not just an ideology for ethnonationalists. It is simply the belief that, all else being equal, the world would be a better place if the state more closely resembled the citizen. I am not usually one to talk much about possible alliances, but I have to imagine that Particularism would be attractive to the techno-libertarian types in Silicon Valley who have lately been talking a lot about "opting out." Honestly, I think it should be a pleasing idea to any civic-minded person who wants to do his own thing.

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